Ski touring Carneddau, Snowdonia

It’s the 30th April and I’m cresting the rise on the A5 before the descent down to Lyyn Ogwyn. I’m looking up and right trying to see the snow conditions and judge if the 2 hour drive has been worth it.  It’s looking surprisingly good !

My second ‘speculative’ Welsh ski tour started from the lay-by on the A5 just above Lyyn Ogwyn. We walked up to Ffynnon Lloer before swapping to skins and ski’s. Our route took us Easterly before turning up towards the better snow, topping out on the ridge and shallow col.


^^ Shan boot packing up with Y-Garn and Banana Gully behind.


^^ Wind filled runnels gave us good snow cover as we made the ridge.

Bwlch yr Ole Wen

^^ Some excellent lines tempt off Pen yr Ole Wen for next time.


The weather was sunshine and showers and the temperature above freezing. The snow was a little warm as a result but the wind had done it’s work filling in runnel lines with skiable snow.


^^ Tryfan caught by a sunny interval.

Yr Elen and Carnedd Lewelyn

^^ The other side of the ridge, Yr Elen and Carnedd Llewelyn
  revealed yet more opportunities.

The ski down was excellent despite some grabby snow and we skied down to around the 700m mark by the small lake before hiking out.

Mark Ski

^^ Missey the dog winning the race down!

Shan Ski

^^ Snow cover got thinner as we lost height.

Walk Out

^^ We found Spring in the valley as we walked out.

Thanks again to Mark and Shan for an excellent day 🙂

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