Indoor Composter – Our ‘NatureMill’ experiment continues in a new form.

Good news on the Indoor composting front.

A couple of months ago a manufacturer from the Far East contacted me about their new Indoor Composting machine, and after some deliberation I’ve invested in a test unit which has just arrived from the Far East.

First impressions are very good. The quality of manufacture appears excellent, and much more in the ‘white goods’ style than the NatureMill with a steel housing and high quality mouldings for it’s plastic and rubber parts. It’s larger than the nature mill, similar to a mini fridge, and it arrived with a 3 pin UK plug, ready to go. The unit is designed for 3-4 people, composting up to 1.5kg of food waste per day.

The unit is designed to be fast acting – composting waste in 24 hours using a Bio “fermentative” method of composting, which reduced waste volume by 90 – 95%. According to the designers it uses just 80 W/h and it’s operation should be odourless, as evidenced by rubber seals and a catalytic deodorizing feature acting on the air outlet. The output ‘compost’ is very rich and can be reduced down 1:3 with garden soil to use in the garden.

The retail price of the unit is unclear until we gain an idea of demand. If you are interested let me know.

Indoor composter
About the same size as a Beer or Wine Fridge.
Food Composter
Food waste is added from the top.
Bio Food Composter
Food Waste is mixed by the machine.
Bio Waste Food composter
Rubber seals on the lid mechanism and cover help ensure smell free operation.

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