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After the new Indoor Composter arrived we were keen to see how well it worked.

The start-up procedure was very simple. The machine arrived with a bag of ‘starter’ agent containing the bacteria which will break down the food waste. This appeared to be dry compost. The instructions say to add sugar and water to the dry mix and leave for 24 hours before adding any waste.

Bio Waste food composter - start-up mix
Dry ‘start-up’ mix containing the active bacteria.
Home composter - activated by sugar and water.
Sugar and Water to activate the bio mix.

7 days in and I’m glad to report all is well. The ‘compost’ in the unit is dry. The small amount of food added so far has been broken down and the unit is seemingly smell free !

The manufacturer suggests that waste food should be broken down to 10% of it’s original volume in around 24 hours and so far that seems to be about right. The only thing that appears to be ‘hanging around’ is some fresh pasta I added which was past it’s sell by date in the fridge.

To be fair the manufacturer suggests that it takes a week or so for the bacteria in the machine to mature and multiply to full strength so we’ve only added a small amount of fresh waste, mostly consisting of coffee grinds and bread.

So, after 1 weeks operation, so far so good 🙂

If you are interested in ordering a Home Bio Composter please get in touch. The initial plan is to bring in small batches of units as demand builds.

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