Home Bio Digester & Composter – Test Update

3 weeks into the test of our new indoor home bio digester \ composting machine the news is good 🙂

We’ve been feeding the machine waste food from the kitchen and fridge and there is almost nothing to report. Food goes in & disappears ! The resulting compost mix is dry and there are no unpleasant smells or leaks.

The ‘mix’ of food waste has been a selection of salad, old vegetables and out of date pasta and rice. I can’t say we’ve put the maximum amount through the machine but it’s easily coped with our needs so far. For instance a 1kg bag of new potatoes that had gone to seed were reduced to almost nothing in the space of a day or two supporting the manufacturers claim that waste is reduced in volume by 90%

Uncooked dry rice takes longer but that’s to be expected.

So far it looks as if it will be at least another month or more before we’ll need to remove compost from the machine. Photo’s to follow later.

All in all ‘Boringly’ effective !!!

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