Fast ! Fast ! Fast !

Fast decomposition of food to compost.

The new indoor composter continues to work well. Food goes in and the next time I open the lid it’s disappeared with only a small increase in the volume of compost to show for it. We’ve mostly been feeding it with left overs from cooking and out of date food from the Fridge.

Most impressive has been the speed at which the unit has reduced potatoes, 24 hours and there was little to show for them. I chopped them down to prevent them jamming the mixer and that was that. The ‘mix’ in the unit has stayed dry and I notice that the ‘fresh air’ light comes on automatically from time to time.

Here are a couple of photo’s showing the speed at which the unit is working. They were taken 3 or 4 hours apart after a fridge clear out:

3 hours later.

If you are interested in pre ordering a unit drop me an email:

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