Skiing in Shropshire. The Shrosphire Hills – 19th Jan 2013

Caer Caradoc \ The Lawley nr Church Stretton.

The overnight forecast had hinted that there would be more snow towards South Shropshire so I decided to hear over to Church Stretton in the hope that some of the gullies on leeward side of Caer Caradoc might have filled in.

Caer Caradoc in the snow.
West face of Caer Caradoc in the snow.

It’s pretty straight forward to check the gullies using field glasses from the A49 but it didn’t look good. However The Lawley had possibilities so I parked up on the road and had a quick look up the access path for the hill.

Looking South towards Caradoc
Caer Caradoc panorama looking south.

The ground looked a bit bare compared to previous years but the windward side of Caradoc hinted that snow had filled in some of the shallow depressions offering the possibility of some skiable lines.

The ridge walk to the summet of Caradoc.
The wind had dropped snow to the lee side of the ridge.

On walking up it was obvious that the ridge line had caught some drifting snow and the locals were already testing the snow pack stability with kids & sledges. After checking the gullies again from the top (very bare) I skied the ridge line to the half way mark and traversed across to get at the more tempting lines where the snow had filled in lower down.

Caradoc hollows filled with snow.
Look closely and you can see the tracks in the distance.

These gave some nice skiing in comparison to the ridge in heavy snow, ended prematurely by the fence.

A traverse & walk got me back to the car which I only just managed to extract from where I’d parked. It was still early afternoon so I thought I’d try the Lawley and have a look see. I’d forgotten how much hard it is to walk up with all the kit and the Lawley’s taunting with false summit after false summit.

Ski tracks on The Lawley
The Lawley complete with some of my tracks.

The lines by Peter(?) a Snow Boarder I met and myself. Not the easiest skiing in the world !!! A hard frost and a few more inches and it would be perfect…

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