Shropshire Skiing – First Tracks.

Trip 1.

By the start of January 2010 Shropshire had been in the icy grip of Winter for weeks. Finally it had snowed and the temptation to see of Shropshire Skiing was possible was too much.

In the Summer I’d picked up a pair of touring bindings and set them up on a spare pair of twin tips. A pair of second hand ‘skins’ had been acquired and I was looking for an excuse to see if my ski tech skills were anything like. So I loaded up an inappropriate car with dog, ski’s and the usual paraphernalia and set off.

Dog, 1080s, Lotus Elise

I ended up crossing through Much Wenlock to Church Stretton with the idea of maybe skiing Hope Bowdler Hill. I ended up dropping in to Stretton and heading towards Carding Mill Valley, but on a whim kept going to look at Caer Caradoc and The Lawley now across the Valley.

Caer Caradoc and The Lawley

The Lawley looked a good bet, so I picked up an OS map in town and found the path to walk up. I was in two minds whether to take the gear, but decided it was worth a punt.

Skier on the Lawley

There was decent coverage at the top, a bit crusty but enough for some sweet turns right down to the gate.

Skis at the bottom of the Lawley

Caer Caradoc looked a tempting in the sun set, but it was too late for a hike up.

Caer Caradoc ripe for skiing

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