Moving from Serendipity to WordPress

It’s with some sadness that I’ve had to move the blog from Serendipity to WordPress.

I’ve been a long time Serendipity user but I’ve been unable to complete the recent upgrade despite a lot help from the Serendipity forums and several attempts. My problem appears to be quite unusual and I’d still recommend Serendipity especially now they have auto update features.

I used the Instructions here combined with the Serendipity import plug-in which you can download (be sure to get v1.5) :

Hint’s and tips.

  • Install WordPress v2.9.2 (not the most recent version. You can upgrade once the install is done.)
  • Follow BOTH sets of instructions (The web page and the readme file for the plug-in) to the end, including the mysql commands (which can be done in myadmin) that need to be completed once the import has completed.

Thanks to everyone at Serendipity who have helped in the past.

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