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Ski Coaching and
Mountain Walking.

Shropshire, Snowdonia, Italy.

Private Ski Coaching and Guided Hiking. 

Some years ago I was introduced to skiing by a cantankerous old friend who opened the door the world of mountain adventure. I soon started along the ski instructing and coaching pathway which included snow boarding.

My love of off-piste and back country skiing sparked an interest in climbing, and my passion for off-piste skiing led me to back country ski touring. I started to explore the UK Mountains looking for Winter skiing lines and I decided to up my navigation and mountain skills by becoming a UK Mountain Leader.

The result is I'm an internationally qualified ski coach with almost 2 decades of experience and Mountain Leader qualified for hiking and walking in the UK hills and mountains. 

So what can I do for you ? 

  1. Private Ski Coaching and instruction, both in the UK and Italy. Training and guidance for trainee ski instructors working towards their qualifications. Helping skiers return to skiing from injury plus ski touring in England and Wales when conditions allow.
  2. Private Guided Mountain Walking and hiking in Shropshire and Wales, including the stunning Shopshire hills, the Ironbridge Gorge and Snowdonia.
Off piste skier. Ski Coaching & Instruction

Ski Coaching.

Guided mountain Walking.

Mountain Walking.

Kind Words

from happy skiers.

"A fantastic few days skiing in Italy!  As a beginner i was very nervous. Thank you Dave for your patience and for helping build my confidence. Thank you for a brilliant week."                         

At the start of the process I was frustrated and fearful. I finished the season thoroughly obsessed with skiing again,

Thanks Dave.

“A Great Coach, I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to learn to ski, or who wants to improve their skiing."