Ski Coaching & Mentoring

Shropshire and Italy.

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Private Ski Coaching.  The best way to improve your skiing. 

If you would like to improve your skiing, finding a coach and mentor is the most effective way achieving your goal.

By working with your Coach over a longer period means that your skiing can be improved as a whole, over time. The continuity and duration provided by the coaching process means that you have time to consolidate, practice and learn rather than the often piecemeal sessions from holiday ski school.

The coaching process also gives you a Mentor to bounce ideas off.    


  1. "Learn to learn". A key part of my coaching philosophy is to help you improve your 'internal' feedback skills so you accurately know what's happening at a given moment and adjust accordingly. Skidding or gripping ? Centred and balanced ? Sitting back ? It's only when you can interpret your skiing in the moment that you can make meaningful adjustments. Ultimately this gives you the skills to coach your self.
  2. Balance skills. Sound posture and balance skills are critical to effective skiing and steering your skis. Good balance skills mean that your skis can operate at their most effective as per their design. Good posture helps with your balance and gives your limbs and joints the range of movement needed to adjust to the snow, terrain and apply steering inputs.
  3. More than just the technical. You can find improvements by looking at your skiing in the whole, considering the Technical, Tactical, Physiology, Psychology, Equipment, Environment. Understanding how skis work will help you make them work for you.
  4. Finding the solution. One way of thinking about effective sking is as a problem solving exercise, choosing the appropriate blend of line and speed for the slope so that you are in control. That will mean steering your skis which in turn relies on good posture and balance.



Is it for me?

Wanna improve your skiing? Yes. 


Where and when?

Shropshire at the Telford ski slope,  Italy in the Val d'Aosta and digitally with email and video.  The digital component means that we can incorporate your holiday or skiing at your local ski slope skiing into your coaching program.  


What about my level ?

It's not important. If you are a complete beginer I can introduce you to skiing at the Telford slope and we can build from there.  If you are a long time skier or somewhere inbetween I can help.


How much ?

To be confirmed. Please call or email for details.