Return to skiing from Injury.

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Get back on your skis after injury and physiotherapy.

Been there, done that. In March 2012 I ruptured my ACL in Serre Chevalier and had an ACL reconstruction operation on May 4th. After a tough Summer of physiotherapy I returned to skiing that September, initially on my local dry slope and a couple of weeks later in a Snowdome. My return to the Alps was 7 months after the reconstruction operation in the December.

I know first hand how the prospect of getting back on skis after a knee injury is scary. After my own experiance I developed a protocol to ease the process for other skiers, aiming to de risk your return to skiing as far as possible. 

When your physiotherapist and\or surgeon agrees that the time is right I'll be glad to help.

  1. "Quiet slope". First things first. It's scary enough doing this and the last thing you need is a busy slope with the added risk of collision. Finding an quiet or even better, an empty slope helps hugely. I can help by scheduling off peak seasons by arrangement.
  2. "Start slow" and start at the beginning. Simple foundation activities to refresh and remember balance skills, and get used to sliding again.  
  3. "Build up" gradually build speed and movements, refresh effective steering and balance to give you improved control over your speed and direction.

It works:

"Having David’s coaching, from someone who had also had ACL injury and rehab, really boosted my confidence and along with critique and modification of my skiing technique, this really helped me be able to start back skiing with far less knee pain and far more confidence. " - Mark.



Is it for me?

My intention is to 'de-risk' your getting back to skiing. Critical to that is being strong and at the right stage in your rehab program, which your physiotherapist and or surgeon will confirm.


Where and when?

Slope sessions are typically in the Midlands.