Ski Instructor Training.

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Training and mentoring for aspirant ski Instructors. 

Snowsport England Tutor and Coach.

People are drawn to ski Instructing for all sorts of reasons. Long time skiers wanting to give something back to the sport, parents with children in the race club who want to keep up with them on holiday or in my case the desire to improve my own personal skiing, which lead on to a passion for teaching.

There are several pathways to chose from depending on your final goal but having trained with Snowsport England, BASI, IASI and other training organisations I can say that they are very much complementary. 

The Snowsport England Level 1 training course is one the easiest and least stressful ways to start your ski instructing journey, giving you a weekend of foundation training (no assessment) which will set you up for shadowing and eventual qualification.  

I usually deliver courses at Telford snowboard and ski slope. Click the link for the full Snowsport England ski instructor training course calendar.
In addition to my role of delivering training and assessment for new ski instructors I also mentor ski instructors as they shadow, teach and progress through the system.

  1. "Mentoring".  The prospect of taking your first group of skiers can be a daunting one. Having a mentor to bounce ideas and questions of is invaluable. 
  2. Personal Performance.  Understand and train to meet the personal skiing criteria for your exams and assessment.
  3. Develop your "eye". Improve your observation and analysis skills and identify the root cause of problems and identify 'the one thing' that will help your client the most.  



Is it for me?

Ideal if you are interested in becoming a ski Instructor or if you want to top up or diversify your training. 


Where and when?

Telford Ski and Snowboard Centre, Val d'Aosta Italy and digitally via video and email by mutual agreement.                               


What about my skiing level ?

To attend the Level 1 training Snowsport England suggest you are a parallel skier.  If you are unsure drop me an email.


How much ?

Level 1 training is booked directly with Snowsport England. Assuming you do your work place shadowing and training at the Telford slope mentoring is included. Additional private training and mentoring available.