Shropshire Skiing – December 2012

I finally managed to score some Shropshire skiing for 2011, and my first Welsh skiing the very next day.

Last Friday dawned murky in the village but a glance over to The Wrekin showed lots of white on the top, so a early Friday finish seemed a good idea. By the time I loaded the car it was snowing hard, and it got heavier as I drove over.

In the car park I hooked up with Nicholas, a skier from our local slope who was out for a walk, and we hiked up together with the dogs.

Skiing the wrekin
A good covering

The hill was looking very Wintry above the half way house but the cover was quite soft as had yet to be ‘pisted’ by the passing walkers. Discretion was the order of the day and I decided to ski the grassy pitch from Heaven’s Gate to Hell’s Gate. It was probably only 75 meters or so but it was nice to have snow under skis again.

Skiing below Heavens Gate on the wrekin
Skiing below Heavens Gate

I had a second attempt just below Hell’s gate but the cover was thin and the grunching noise off putting !

All in all a pleasant walk up. Fingers crossed for more snow this coming Winter.

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