Compost ahoy.

First batch of compost produced.

3 months in and the new indoor composting machine has produced it’s first batch of compost. As you will see from the photo’s below the resulting compost is dry, soil like and easy to handle.

It’s fair to say that I could have ‘harvested’ compost before now but I decided to wait until it had reached the ‘full’ line marked on the inside of the machine. Quite impressive that the composting machine has managed to reduce 2 peoples food waste over 3 months to such a small volume and probably hints at the richness of the finished product.

Removing the finished compost from the machine was easy. The internal ‘lid’ is removed leaving plenty of room to access the compost with the trowel provided with the machine. In the end I used some plastic container and scooped out the compost directly. In the end the machine produces approximately 4 litres of compost over 3 months. I took the opportunity to clean the lid section with a damp cloth. “Jobs a good un”.

I decided to use it to boost my lavender plants and I’ve sprinkled it around their bases being careful to avoid the leaves. I’ll report back on how it goes.

indoor compost
‘finished’ compost from our indoor composting machine.
indoor compost
Feeding the plants with the compost created by our composting machine.

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