Improve your Skiing

with an Internationally licenced Coach & Instructor.

David TapleyMy aim is to help give you the best opportunity of achieving your skiing aspirations. For many clients this means improving 'control' or skiing 'reds' with more confidence. I am here to help you, providing on-snow sessions, technical input, help and guidance.

When working with clients for the first time we go through a few steps to help me understand how best to help.

First things first. I need to understand what it is that YOU want to do, or change, or improve with your skiing*.

Once we're clear about your future skiing 'wants', we then check out your current skiing, perhaps using video to review and agree your current strengths and weaknesses, both in terms of technical skiing skills and other key attributes which may include:

  • Physical - fitness? injuries?
  • Psychological - anxious? Gung-ho ?
  • Tactical - Maximising your situation?
  • Ski Equipment - is it the most appropriate for you?

When agreed on "where you are now" and your future skiing "wants", it's time to start to bridge the gap between the two, usually by breaking things down into small steps. Think of it as finding the 'stepping stones' are between your current skiing and your future skiing ambitions. A key part of the process is helping you to broaden your understanding, which in turn will make it easier for you to develop and improve your skiing.

Of course the duration and content of this initial 'getting to know you' phase will vary, depending on the expected number of future sessions. This will be somewhat condensed for single 1 off sessions.

* Skiing is different things to different people. For me its all about off-piste and terrain parks, while for my wife skiing is all about buying Salopettes and cruising. Each is just as valid as the other and while I can't help you with the shopping I certainly can you help with the skiing !